First things first …

Yesterday I kind of happened to get my own domain and a friend of mine asked me to start a blog. Despite some initial doubts, the idea somehow grew on me so eventually I set this up and the first post is a mission statement in a way.

I’m not a big fan of blogs that extensively tell you what the blogger had for lunch or similar things, so one of my aims is to keep this place “chatter-free” (i.e. devoid of private stuff) except something remarkable happened (like when i finally finish my thesis!).

The rest of the posts will mainly revolve around psychology, science, statistics, programming, books, music and related topics. If I should stumble upon something interesting I would place it here, e.g. these days, I’m pretty much busy with the theory and practice of Bayesian data analysis.

Due to my lack of experience in blogging I cannot predict how (ir)regularly I will update this blog. However, if I’m not too short of time this is going to be a quite nerdy adventure I’m embarking on – and everyone who doesn’t think LaTeX is needed to produce shiny and tight clothes is invited to join me. 😉

Thursday, February 5th, 2009 general, misc

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